10 Fun Responses to the “Are You Seeing Anyone?” Question

If you are a single Christian woman like me, you’re probably dreading the “Are you seeing anyone?” question this holiday season from family or friends you haven’t seen in a while because the answer is “No.”

That’s not how I’m going to answer that question this year, though. With a little help from ChatGPT, I have curated a list of fun responses to the dreaded question of “Are you seeing anyone?” 

10: “I was, but it turns out imaginary boyfriends don’t count.”

9: “No, I’m still holding out for a superhero. Or a knight in shining armor. I’m not fussy.”

8: “Still waiting for my Hogwarts letter, so no time for dating.”

7: “Why? You have a candidate in mind?”

6: “I was, but then they vanished. It’s a mystery even Sherlock couldn’t solve.”

5: “I’m on the lookout for a time traveler. I’ve always had a thing for adventure.”

4: “Nope, still sifting through applications. I’ve added a talent round and a trivia quiz. Then there’s the ‘survival in the wilderness’ stage.”

3: “No, I only date people in leap years, so I’m off duty this year.”

2: “No, I’m still waiting for my rom-com moment. It should happen any day now.”

1: “No, I’m still looking for someone who can handle my level of awesome.”

There you have it. 10 things to say if someone asks if you are seeing anyone and the real answer is “No.”

Let’s enjoy being our single selves this holiday season. Don’t dread showing up to gatherings or parties or events alone. Embrace it. Show up with confidence, and one way to do that is to arm yourself with some humor.

Remember, single or married, you are significant because God made you and saved you and gave you gifts to use, dreams to pursue, and all sorts of people to love along the way.

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