Are you ready to RISE FROM STUCK?

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Are you an aspiring author who finds yourself perpetually stuck at the start line of your writing dreams no matter how many books you read, podcasts you listen to, or courses you take?

Then welcome to Rise from Stuck with Bonnie Jean Schaefer.

I understand what it’s like to:

  • Dream big dreams
  • See the possibilities that await me in the distance
  • Feel hope and passion and excitement.

But then let my doubts, fears, and excuses keep me paralyzed when it comes time to take action.

I understand what it’s like to ignore God’s call convince myself I can’t succeed because I don’t have:

  • Enough money
  • Enough talent
  • Enough resources
  • A team
  • A network
  • The right credentials
  • A charismatic personality
  • A huge social media following.

But I’m learning to understand that my real problem is that I don’t trust God with my whole heart and thus fail to implement what I know I should do because of my doubt-filled, excuse-riddled mindset.

I’m also learning to understand that seeking God first is the answer.

I’ve known this core truth all along. I’ve been a Christian since age four, earned my Bible degree in 1999, and published four novels so far, one as me and three as fantasy author DK Drake.

But despite decades of devouring books and courses and programs about writing, business, and personal development, I’ve refused to believe I can succeed as an author even though I’ve learned how to tell a pretty darn good story. Which is how I’ve gotten myself stuck in a job.

My job is not my passion, though. Writing and teaching and training and speaking and leading are my driving passions in life.

I’m done feeling stuck.

Which means it’s time to RISE.

Before I can rise, though, I must first fall. My faulty foundation that is built on my doubt-filled, fear-fueled, excuse-riddled mindset has to crumble so that I can start fresh with a firm foundation and framework that honors God.

Beginning with episode 14 and beyond, the purpose of this podcast is to document my journey from a stuck dreamer to a strong and courageous action taker.

My mission is to trust God to rewire my mental game, from my core convictions to my writing dreams and all the roles I play in between.

The only way I know to do that effectively is to talk to God. I’ll thus be sharing my conversations with God with the expectation that these conversations will transform the fabric of my soul and lead me to vastly different results than I am experiencing right now.

I hope that by sharing my journey, you’ll be inspired to start your own.

This rise from stuck journey may be a bumpy ride, but as we learn to trust God, respect our strengths, and do the writing work our dreams require, we are going to build confidence, courage and consistency in the pursuit of God and our writing dreams.

So snatch your pen. Strap into God’s word. Grab on to my hand. And let’s rise from stuck. Together.