Are you ready to RISE FROM STUCK?

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Are you feeling stuck in a job that makes you miserable, a business that is unprofitable, or a life that is unfulfilling?

Are you stuck in uncertainty, unsure of where you belong, who you are, what you want and why?

Are your dreams stuck behind a wall of doubts, fears, and excuses that keep you from taking consistent, confident action?

Are you wondering how to move forward? How to transform the way you think and act? How to take action even when you feel you have no time or energy or money?

Are you searching for guidance your Christian heart can trust? Do you crave Bible-based personal development training?

Then we need to become friends! Because I’m stuck, too. I’m on the rise, however, and I’m inviting you to join me.

You see, since earning my Bible degree in 1999, I’ve been chasing this crazy dream that I could earn a living telling and selling stories as an author entrepreneur. I thus intentionally did not commit to any specific career path. I feared that if I got locked into a normal job with decent pay, I would become content and abandon my writing dream.

Even though I was capable of earning more and doing more, I worked a series of entry level jobs for over two decades while devouring books and courses and programs about writing, business, and personal development.

Only I was better at learning than implementing, partly because I didn’t trust God enough and partly because I dared not trust the gurus who didn’t know God at all.

So here I am. A woman with big dreams stuck in a job that drains the creativity from her soul. An author stuck at the start line of the fourth novel in her fantasy adventure series. A mentor with an abundance of knowledge stuck in her head.

If you’re as frustrated with your state of stuck as I am with mine, this is the podcast for you. In it, I’ll be sharing what God is teaching me about Him, about mindset, about performance, and about…adventure! (Fantasy author here, remember? Adventure MUST be a part of our dream doing experience!)

We’re going to build a foundation and framework for our lives that is in alignment with God and His desires for us. We’re going to discover the answers to four fundamental questions: Who is God? Who am I in Christ? What do I want? And why? Then we’re going to create systems within that framework that make confident, consistent action towards God and our dreams inevitable.

This may be a bumpy ride, but as we learn to trust God, respect our strengths, and do the work our dreams require, we are going to build confidence, courage and consistency in the pursuit of God and our dreams.

So strap into God’s word. Grab on to my hand. And let’s rise from stuck. Together.

The podcast launches in May 2022!